Infinito Riflesso

It is not surprising that, among the young sculptors, Shigeru Saito – who arrived in Italy from Japan a few years ago and was introduced to the work of Castellani by his friend Kunio Kondo – enjoyed the consideration of the ‘elective’ Master for his undoubted talents of ingenuity and methodological ability in the processes of plastic structuring on a geometric basis, in a field of configuration of ‘perfect solids’ which from the Platonic Timaeus to the Divina proportione by Luca Pacioli and Leonardo da Vinci reaches the structuring of the “surfaces” of Castellani. Moved by admiration for the great Italian painter – Piero Manzoni’s travel companion – Shigeru Saito conceived and elaborated over the course of a few years a series of works whose environmental scale declare them explicitly inspired by as many ‘historical’ works by Castellani.

Bruno CorĂ 




CaMusAC Cassino, ITALY