Bricks on the Palm

An articulated imagery – spanning from Kunio Kondo and Constantin Brancusi, Max Bill and Enrico Castellani to Tadao Ando and Richard Buckminster Fuller – has informed Saito’s original research focusing on continued reflections on forms and their transposition into tangible works. Bricks on the Palm (2003), a sculpture in wood featuring the first modular fragments that can come together and break apart in the palm of a hand, is one of the possible sources for many more recent works in metal, such as Bloom / Fioritura (2013) or Definition (2015). In these works, Shigeru Saito develops solids and voids, lights and shadows, analyzing, deforming and reinterpreting the “Platonic solids”, in some cases with multiplications deriving from lenses and mirrors, in other cases with superficial and essential lines until Phaedrus (2015), an explicit tribute to Plato.

Gaspare Luigi Marcone




private collection


wood (zelkova)